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Welcome to the Roto Blog


The Superior Roof Window Company

This blog is an industry hub for all things ‘roof windows’.  Here at Roto, we are driven by German excellence and now it’s time to tell the UK about our technologically advanced roof windows.

Here we will be posting product and industry news, tips and views.  If you have any comments or questions about the Roto prinicple, please do submit them on this blog.

Roto products are sold exclusively through authorised specialised dealers and professionals in the roofing trade.

Roto Roof Windows Team

Roto Frank
Roof window and Hardware Ltd.
Phone: +44 (0)1788 558600

Roto is a leading Roof Window specialist. Whether inward or outward opening, tilting, sliding, folding, lifting, or pivoting – suitable technology is available from Roto for every desired window or door opening type.

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Roto Roof Windows receive mandatory CE markings of construction products

The construction industry has faced a significant change in the way in which construction products are sold in Europe from the 1st of July.

Under the Construction Products Regulation 2011 (CPR), it will become mandatory for manufacturers to apply CE marking to any of their products which are covered by a harmonised European standard (hEN) or European Technical Assessment (ETA), from the 1st of July 2013.

This is a major change as affixing of CE markings under the provisions of the existing Construction Products Directive (CPD) is currently voluntary in the UK.

The EU Construction Products Regulation (No. 305/2011 – CPR) lays out conditions for the marketing of construction products. Manufacturers of construction products will be required, when placing a product on the market, to make a Declaration of Performance (DoP) for the product, and affix the CE mark. Continue reading

Roto Roof Windows are always one step ahead – Our vision of high quality roof windows

The team at Roto Roof Windows UK are dedicated to ensuring that our customers, whether existing or new, are always receiving the highest quality of roof windows and other products and services.

Therefore we have compiled a short list to showcase why Roto Roof Windows are always one step ahead, and why our vision of high quality roof windows is quickly ensuring that we are the superior roof window.

Always one step ahead:

Roto Always One Step Ahead

Easy and Quick to Fit

  • Up to 30 % installation time won.
  • Clip type assembly used for the exterior profiles (No screws)
  • Bracket and thermal insulation system pre-fitted



More energy savings

  • High insulation and reduction of thermal bridges
  • Treatment of air permeability
  • More natural light and heat


More natural lighting

  • Up to 10 % more light area3
  • Slimmer exterior profiles and no control bar at the top of the window
  • More natural light


 Maximum convenience

  • Outwards opening4 so not to encroach on the living space
  • One handle at the bottom of the sash   for all functions (opening, ventilation, cleaning)

Continue reading

Roto Roof Window Installers Club – The longest and most established loyalty scheme in the Industry

Here at Roto Roof Windows we are committed to supporting our installers and merchant partners.

At Roto Roof Windows we continue to reward installers for their commitment to selecting Roto products by offering a free windows as part of their successful loyalty scheme, the Roto Club.

The Roto Installer’s Club was launched back in 2009 to aid the selection process for installers when purchasing roof windows from one of our merchant partners. Over the last 5 years those installers who have joined the Roto Club have been providing immediate access to the high quality range of Designo roof windows and a broad range of accessories.

Our  roof Windows are quick and easy to install , offering maximum convenience for installers as only 10 screws are required to install a Roto window compared to 24 screws with other manufactures.

Our Roto Training Campus, situated in Rugby, continues to run regular sessions which are free of charge, making the reward scheme highly even more beneficial to club members.

Jason Foster-Jones, Sales Director, Roto UK said:

“Roto is a trusted brand that is built by professionals, sold by professional and installed by professionals. The Roto Club has been operational for over five years and continues to attract those installers looking for premium roof window products and accessories.” Continue reading

Understanding the unique qualities of our Designo Range of roof windows

Energy efficiency is the order of the day and most definitely one of the many aspects which make the Designo Range completely different. In order to ensure that you know why we are the alternative roof window specialists, we have written this blog to highlight those USPs…

Here at Roto Roof Windows we are committed to ensuring that we do our bit towards combatting climate change therefore we are aware that we have to help our customers, whether existing or new, to rapidly reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

We read a very interesting article lately on the EECO2 Green Deal blog which reported that every year households are spending more and more money on energy bills because they are letting the heat used to warm homes escape. Green improvements are being incorporated into construction projects more widely lately so why use a roof window which will defeat the object of going green? Continue reading

‘More freedom for more convenience’ – Roto Designo Opening

Perfectly reflecting the Roto policy of ‘More freedom for more convenience’, the Designo roof windows range is really perfectly positioned.

In comparison to the conventional centre-pivot roof windows, the Roto Designo roof window’s opening axis is positioned at the top of the window which allows the sash to open outwards with one handle at the bottom. There is no obtrusive sash jutting into your living space, blocking the view or creating an obstacle course on your way to the open window.


Designo R7 Designo R7 Top-third pivot roof windowTop-third pivot roof window

  • Top-third opening
  • Single handled operation at the bottom
  • Double low emissivity glazing
  • Optional thermal insulation system pre-fitted*
  • No obstructive sash and comfortable view Continue reading